CCTV Installation

We, at Golden Crown Security, provide a variety of security services to many of our clients throughout the UK with the CCTV camera system as one of our most growing sectors. 

To help you to get the most competitive rates, we would require the following:

- Your camera requirements proposal. 
- Site access to carry out a Survey. 

As soon as we receive the site report from our engineers, we would be able to work out a quotation on the requested service where we promise to beat any other genuine price you have already been quoted.

Choosing to protect your premises with CCTV cameras is an essential part of the overall security of your premises.  Cameras should be placed inside and outside of the buildings to capture all movement.

After a survey of your site, we can recommend  the cctv cameras which will give your  premises optimum protection.

We help you choose the optimum CCTV solution

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras do not require a video capture card because they work using a digital signal which can be saved directly to a computer.

Network Cameras

IP cameras or network cameras can be analogue or digital video cameras. The have an embedded video server with an IP address, capable of streaming the video (and sometimes, even audio). 
Many CCTV experts claim that many analogue cameras can outperform network cameras of a lower price.