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Our Control Room also known as Alarm Receiving Centre is the hub of our nationwide security network. From here we launch all responses to intruder alerts!
This is why we are confident that one of our guards will respond promptly and deal with the situation accordingly.

We use state of the art technology to monitor sites and communicate with our manned patrols. As soon as an issue arises it is dealt with accordingly.
If an alarm is triggered, one of our trained operators takes over, calling keyholders or the police, and does whatever is appropriate to the situation.

Our 24 / 7 Control Room is in regular contact with each Guard via radio signalling plus mobile phone. This ensures a prompt response, enabling us to investigate incidents and emergencies promptly. Our officers also make regular calls back to the Control Room, and if contact is lost for any reason, the Mobile Supervisor is sent straight to site, where the cause is investigated and corrected.

We make regular check calls to the guards, and carry out random inspections on all our sites.

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