Security for Olbury Birmingham

Oldbury comes within the B68 and B69 postal districts it is a town in the West Midlands in England, part of the Black Country, The crime rate in Oldbury since the beginning of this year has been over 100 incidents that have been reported. Majority of them been related to theft, or burglary.

The criminal activity in Oldbury Birmingham may be attributed to the fact that it is one of the larger cities /towns /suburbs / transportation hubs in the West Midlands region. As a trade centre, Oakland invites many outsiders into the community for business purposes.  This is one of those situations where perhaps business should not be mixed with personal interest.  Many residents are exposing their homes and families to strangers for the sake of a deal.  Golden Crown Security experts understand what it takes for a business to be successful but we also understand how to make it a safer process.

We offer a wide range of security solutions to business in Oldbury Birmingham; Our private security services protect; Factories, construction and demolition sites, supermarkets, malls, entertainment complexes, museums, galleries, gyms, sports centers, commercial properties etc..

Our clients demand excellence

We offer complete security solutions to our clients, and this has helped us to successfully carve a niche in the Security Industry. Our staff is reliable and selected because of their integrity and professionalism.

They are devoted, dedicated and disciplined and trained to offer personalized innovative services to our clients.
This is paramount as we promote services based on reliability and authenticity.

Mission & Vision

We are the fastest growing security guard company in Leeds and committed to offering maximum benefit to our clients with quality Security services; therefore we keep on updating our resourceful skills in all aspects of service maintenance.

Our objective is to provide contentment to our clients through steadfast, principled, competent and worthwhile services.
We provide assignments that are full of challenges to our security officers so as to sharpen their skills and make optimum utilization of their talents to serve our clients.
This further allows us to satisfy our clients, that being our prime goal. 

 Our Target:
- Outstanding Security Solutions Nationwide.
- Excellent, Reliable and Competitive Service.
- A Unique and Effective approach to Security.
- Using the latest Technology to raise standards.
- 100% Customers Satisfaction.

Our security services include:

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