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Heroic security guard fights off gang of EIGHT baseball bat-wielding thugs who leave with nothing

3rd February 2015

A heroic security guard fought off EIGHT baseball-bad weilding thugs who hoped to rob a jewllers.

But the moped gang had to leave empty handed after the guard, known only as 'Johnny', battled them away from the William & Son store in Mayfair.
The gang may have smashed in bullet-proof glass in a bid to rob the store, but they got more than they bargained for when trying to take on this guard.
Eye witness Laurence Davis, who runs a nearby store, saw the shocking incident go on for five minutes before the thugs gave up and made off.

Police are now hunting for the gang. He said: "I saw three mopeds drive up, on them were men in black leathers, two with maroon helmets, the rest with black. "They mounted the kerb and ran at the shop wielding four sledgehammers and two metal baseball bats. "Johnny, the security guard - I don't know his surname - was standing just inside the door. He managed to lock the left hand side. "The right hand side of the door was flapping loose but he held it shut with his body. "They kept smashing at the door with the sledgehammers - these were heavy duty hammers as long as your arm. "It was unbelievable he was a real hero the way he bravely stood there as the door smashed into him. "They must have smashed at the door about 30 times. Each time it slammed into him and there were splinters of glass raining down from the door onto him, he was bleeding from cuts to the head. "I think the glass was bullet proof, they would have been through our door in no time if it wasn't. "They kept this up for about three minutes, while smoke started pouring from the shop - its security system. Then the shop grills began to come down. "By that time they realised they would not get in and jumped on their mopeds and sped off in the direction of Berkeley Square. "William & Sons is a luxury jewellery and riflemaker, with items being sold for tens of thousands of pounds.

A police spokesman said : "Police were called at 12:27pm on Thursday, January 29 to commercial premises on Mount Street, W1 following reports of a smash and grab.

"At this stage, it is believed that around eight suspects riding motorbikes attempted to rob a jewellery store.

"The suspects failed to rob the store and left the scene empty handed in the direction of Tottenham Court Road.

"A man in his 50's received a head injury during this incident. He has been taken to a west London hospital for treatment. His injuries are not life threatening.

"Enquiries continue and there have been no arrests. Officers from Met's Flying Squad are investigating."

Source: Telegraph

Gang armed with arsenal of weapons target cash-in-transit security van

27th January 2015

Four masked men brandishing an arsenal of weapons were foiled in their bid to rob a cash-in-transit van in Middleton.

The gang were armed with a sledgehammer, a meat cleaver, an axe and a small Samurai sword when they targeted the security van as it made a cash drop-off at the Co-op store on Kenyon Lane.

It happened at about 12.25pm on Thursday 15 January 2015.

The van pulled up and one of the security guards remained inside while the other made several trips to and from the van to the automated telling machine (ATM) inside the store.

At this point, a silver Volkswagen Golf travelling at some speed skidded to a halt and the gang of four masked men got out.

After threatening the two security guards, the gang tried unsuccessfully to get their hands on the cash but were thwarted as they could not break through the security bars protecting the cash machine.

They then got back into the car and fled empty-handed.

The Golf, which was later established to have been stolen from the Longsight area and fitted with false registration plates, was found abandoned on Don Street in Middleton.

Police are now appealing for witnesses.

The only description of the offenders is that they were masked.

Detective Constable Charles Stewart said: "Although these four men did not succeed in stealing any cash, make no mistake this gang were absolutely intent on causing as much fear and intimidation as possible.

"They were armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons and although they were foiled by the shop's security measures, they are clearly dangerous individuals and we need to catch them.

"We must also remember the two security guards who were threatened with violence. This should never be dismissed as an occupational hazard - these are two hardworking men who were confronted by swords and axes and were understandably terrified they would be attacked.

"I want to appeal to anyone who witnessed either the attempted robbery itself, or perhaps the silver car being driven erratically or a high-speed to come forward. Or perhaps you saw a group of men hanging around the Co-op in the days leading up to the robbery? Any information you have could be vital."

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or the Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

Source: Rochdale News

Security Company supplied unlicensed guards to a children's play centre 

4th November

On Monday [13 Oct] at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court, a Lambeth-based security company was found guilty, in the absence of its director, of two charges of supplying unlicensed security guards, including to a children’s play centre in Merton.

Wilson Lugolobi, director of Ace Consult, who is believed to be outside the UK, failed to co-operate with the Security Industry Authority investigation, and he has failed to attend court. Lugolobi’s non-appearance at court in September resulted in a bench warrant being issued for his arrest.

Ace Consult UK, of Victoria House, South Lambeth Road, supplied unlicensed security guards to a children’s play centre in Merton between May and December 2013; and to a construction site in Southwark in November 2013.

Yesterday, the court heard the case in Lugolobi’s absence and ruled that both charges against the company had been proven. The court levied a fine of £5,500, with a victim surcharge of £120, and awarded the SIA full costs of £8,267.

The arrest warrant for Lugolobi remains in force, and he faces charges relating to his capacity as a director of a security company.

SIA Investigations Manager, Nathan Salmon said:

“The outcome of this case demonstrates the SIA’s ongoing commitment to pursue those companies that flagrantly disregard regulation, as well as taint the otherwise healthy reputation of today’s security industry.
“In this case, one of the charges was aggravated in that it involved supplying an unlicensed guard to a leisure centre for children. I am satisfied the court took a similar dim view of the way Ace Consult put children at risk.
“We will now pursue Mr Lugolobi through the courts in relation to his alleged role in these offences.”

G4S security guard was 'sacked as scapegoat' for anti tax avoidance protest at HM Treasury offices

10 October

An employment tribunal awarded Wilfred Onyia £34,042 in compensation after ruling he had been unfairly dismissed because his manager wanted a “head to roll”

A security guard at HM Treasury was sacked as a “scapegoat” after anti-tax avoidance activists entered the building to stage a protest, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Wilfred Onyia was on duty at the Treasury headquarters in central London last year when protesters gathered in the reception area wearing wearing straw boater hats and carrying champagne, balloons, flowers and cake.

Posing as representatives of multinational companies including Google, Vodafone and Starbucks, the group sang a “thank you” song in a satire of recent tax avoidance scandals involving HM Revenue and Customs.

Their performance was filmed and later appeared on YouTube.

HM Revenue and Customs were “very unhappy” about the protest while Treasury officials “went ballistic”, the tribunal heard, and threatened G4S with the loss of its contract.

Mr Onyia was “coerced” into resigning and was seen on his knees begging to keep his job.

The tribunal found he had been unfairly dismissed because his G4S manager wanted a “head to roll” and awarded him £34,042 in compensation.

The tribunal heard Mr Onyia was was one of several guards present in the reception area at HM Treasury in London's Parliament Square on April 16, 2013,  when eight men arrived at different times before they began dancing and singing.

Employment judge Jeremy Burns said: “This was a satire about a topical issue at the time relating to HMRC having struck a deal with large multi-national companies in relation to their tax liabilities.”

Following the protest and a meeting with Treasury officials, G4S manager David Shepherd “decided that someone's head had to roll”, the judge found, and told Mr Onyia that he was suspended.

Another G4S guard, Spencer Gough, was chosen by Mr Onyia as his representative at his disciplinary hearing five days later but came out of a meeting with Mr Shepherd and told him: “Wilfred, I have seen the video and today is your last day. There is no option. I am your rep. I advise you to resign.”

He warned Mr Onyia that he faced losing losing his security licence if he was sacked and would not get a reference.

Onyia agreed to write a resignation note dictated to him by Mr Gough but faced with handing it over to Mr Spencer, he “fell to his knees saying 'please Dave' and showing signs of distress”

Mr Shepherd failed to ask him why he was resigning, the tribunal found, “namely because Mr Gough had pressured him to do so using a threat that if he did not resign he would be dismissed, which threat had originated from Mr Shepherd”.

Within a week, a solicitor at the Plumstead Community Law Centre emailed G4S on Mr Onyia's behalf retracting his resignation as he was “under duress” and “suffering with depression”.

Mr Shepherd rejected the request.

But Judge Burns found that the dismissal was “engineered” and that Mr Shepherd was “complicit” as he “knowingly induced” Mr Gough to “coerce” Mr Onyia into resigning.

He accepted the resignation even though Mr Onyia was “distraught and pleading”.

The judge ruled that G4S dismissed Mr Onyia and added: “The reason for dismissal was Mr Shepherd's illegitimate desire to terminate the claimant's employment and to make a scapegoat for the events of 16 August. There was no fair procedure.”

He said: “We do not think that it is fair to characterise the claimant as the main culprit and try to pin the blame for this unusual incident on him.

“The events as they unfolded were largely, if not entirely, beyond his reasonable control.”

The judge added: “There were other G4S employees in the reception area who did not take any action against the eight men until they started singing and dancing. These other people got only minor counselling and not even formal disciplinary action.”

Mr Onyia was prescribed anti-depressants by his GP days after the incident and was still unemployed at the time of the June hearing, despite “doing his best to try to get another job”.

He has “had to resort to a food bank” and “is very worried about the lack of support he can give to his family in the UK and Nigeria”.

The tribunal reduced Onyia's compensation as he was “obstructive and causing trouble with a variety of managers”. He was already facing a potential warning in a disciplinary procedure when the protest took place.

But the judge found that “although he was a somewhat unruly employee, he was treated shoddily at the end of his employment”.

The tribunal rejected his complaints of racial discrimination, disability discrimination and harassment but awarded him £2,500 after finding he had been victimised.

Man banned from every UK Asda after breaking female security guard's nose

10 October

A MAN has been banned from every Asda in the country after headbutting a female security guard - breaking her nose. Paul Mackenzie was captured on CCTV throwing his head back and striking the woman with some force in front of startled shoppers in the Asda supermarket, in Skelton, east Cleveland.


Teesside Crown Court heard how the 26 year-old, who was suspected of being a shoplifter, was previously barred after being abusive to staff. However on April 26 he returned only to be told again he was banned although Mackenzie was allowed to finish his shop under the supervision of the security guard. Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said Mackenzie threatened to smash the woman’s face in and said: “Stop f****** following me”. He then headbutted her, breaking her nose, as she escorted him out. Mackenzie, of Broadbent Street, Brotton, near Saltburn, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, telling police the woman was harassing him. He has previous convictions for common assault, breaching Asbos, dishonesty and possessing a prohibited weapon and had been handed a suspended jail sentence last year. Ms Atkinson said: “The management at Asda don’t want him in any Asda store.” John Nixon, mitigating, said: “He has lost his temper, there has been an impulsive outburst without any degree of pre-meditation and thus he finds himself before the court. “He expresses remorse and wants to apologise.” Judge George Moorhouse jailed Mackenzie for four months, telling him: “This has had a serious effect on her [the victim] and people in public places like Asda are entitled to protection.” Judge Moorhouse agreed to an indefinite restraining order which means Mackenzie cannot enter any Asda store or approach the victim.

Teenager admits racially abusing shopping centre security guard

6 October 2014

A teenager drunk on Buckfast wine racially abused a security guard at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Inverness the city sheriff court heard yesterday. Ian Grant, 19, of 24 Firhill Alness, was given a community payback order after he pleaded guilty to making racially aggravated comments towards Jerzy Lawryoiwz on January 24 this year. He also admitted shouting, swearing, threatening violence and making offensive gestures in a public place. The court heard that Grant had been drinking with others in Falcon Square, close to the entrance of the shopping centre. Security guards from the centre were sent to disperse the group, with all leaving apart from Grant.

eastgate shopping centre

Procurator fiscal Andrew Laing said that Grant started shouting at the guards, using “abusive sexual terms”. Mr Laing added: “The abuse continued for some time and he threatened violence by telling the guards that he was skilled in martial arts.” He then racially targeted Mr Lawryoiwz by referring to his Polish nationality in abusive terms, which Mr Laing said the guard found “particularly alarming”. Sheriff Margaret Neilson sentenced Grant to 200 hours unpaid work, 18 months under supervision and an alcohol treatment order.