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Training your bloodhound

Posted by rasheed Ali on Friday, October 10, 2014, In : Security in Leeds 

Training a bloodhound is not that different to training a regular dog.

However, you need to be more patient because they are naturally clumsy animals and a bit slow when it comes to obedience. 

They are very emotional animals and respond best to cajoling as opposed to someone barking direct orders at them during training.
They love affection and praise and using this a ploy will help you to get your training methods across.

Training a Bloodhound To Search and Rescue

Day 1

The first day o...

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Dog training tips and techniques

Posted by rasheed Ali on Friday, January 24, 2014, In : dog training 
Our dog training techniques were submitted by William Maynard a local dog training expert.  These tips on how to care for all types of dogs will be beneficial to dog lovers and people who work with dogs.

Some Topics

How to feed a sick dog
4 commands your dog needs to learn
How to stop dogs barking
How to train a bloodhound for search and rescue

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