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Cleaning Service

We offer a full cleaning package which can suit commercial, domestic or individual needs.
Our cleaning services will make your home, apartment, office or building spick and span.

Our Cleaning Package includes:


Our contract specifications are not carved in stone. We’re flexible to your needs, and frequently go far beyond the contract specifications.

Experience and Support Management

Our on-site management team consists of experienced professionals, each possessing many years of healthcare housekeeping management experience. In addition, they receive appropriate support from the corporate management team regarding any updates, training / refresher courses, supervision, plus any essential contingency plans.


Our thorough and intensive training programme is an ongoing procedure for all employees.

Quality Control

Our detailed quality control programme carefully evaluates cleaning effectiveness, ensuring that we achieve excellent results on a consistent basis.

Cost Control

We effectively analyze all costs, with an eye towards saving the customer money.

Public Relations

We are sensitive to the customer’s needs through frequent communication and information sharing.

Our cleaners are vetted, hence we ensure our clients peace of mind in organisations where discretion and privacy are paramount. They work evenings and through the night so that normal business hours are not interrupted.

Our cleaning services

  • retail cleaning:- retail units - shops, boutiques, shopping malls, pubs and clubs, restaurants
  • commercial cleaning:- commercial premises - offices, banks
  • domestic cleaning:- private properties - homes, flats, apartments
  • industrial cleaning:- industrial units - factories, construction sites
  • establishments - council properties, schools, hospitals, universities


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