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How to feed a sick dog

What to feed a sick dog

security dog health There are a variety of ways your dog can become sick. For instance, your dog could lose his appetite and become slow and lazy.

If this happens give your dog bland foods with little or no strong flavours, smells, and tastes, to start with.

Bland food will help them keep their food down with not too much in it to upset the stomach and cause more illness.

Loss of appetite

Feed your dog with simple and easy to digest foods. Food which is hard to chew should be avoided at this time. Try blending food up finely so they can lick it up instead of chewing, as this often works well for a lot of pets.

If this works then you should build the tastes up slowly from bland food to normal stronger tasting foods but always keeping to what your dog is comfortable with, if you do too much too soon then your dog will become ill again so take it slowly.

Make sure that your dog drinks plenty of water as well. When a dog is unwell they may have other symptoms like diarrhea which will cause them to become dehydrated easily and set them up for more misery so try to maintain good hydration levels, which in turn will maintain his happiness.

If all else fails and nothing seems to be working then you should contact your vet and seek their advice. If you don't then you risk your dogs health and bodyweight deteriorating and there may be other difficulties to overcome before your dog will start to become healthier.